Adaptive traffic control system (ATCS) is a traffic management strategy in which traffic signal timing changes or adapts based on the changing arrival patterns of vehicles at each intersection. During the process a traffic signal provides green time to each intersection. As arrival patterns change from cycle to cycle the length of green time provided to each approach also changes. The main goal of ATCS is to adjust the timing of traffic signal at intersections in order to dynamically adapt in real time to prevailing conditions. It works by responding to data collected from the vehicle detector at each intersection ATCS can effectively adjust to expected timings in traffic signal intersection. The ATCS is designed to reduce travel times for individuals thereby minimizing wait times at intersection and avoiding collisions.

ATLAS Traffic controller needs vehicle occupancy data at the traffic intersection to perform ATCS operation. Therefore, the vehicle data will be collected from the vehicle detector devices or CCTV Cameras placed at each intersection and these data will be sent to the ATLAS controller to make decision. ATLAS Controller will make incremental adjustments to the traffic signal timing based on cycle by cycle changes in traffic flow at each intersection. ATLAS will calculate the signal timings by selecting the most appropriate
1) Cycle time
2) Phase timings and
3) Next Phase to execute
4) Split and offset timings

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